Account Management WHAT IF I FORGET MY LOGIN PASSWORD? Click on “Forgot Password” at the Sign in page, and fill in your registered email then we’ll email you a link to easily reset your password. ORDER & PAYMENT HOW CAN I PAY FOR MY ONLINE PURCHASE? You can pay by VISA, MASTERCARD or PAYPAL. WHO DO I CONTACT IF I’M HAVING TROUBLE ORDERING ONLINE? Please feel free to chat or email us at support@actpcase.com CAN I CHANGE MY ONLINE ORDER AFTER I HAVE PLACED IT? It all depends on how quickly after placing an order you will let us know. If your item has already been dispatched from our warehouse, we are unable to make any changes and you will receive your item. Please write us an email at support@actpcase.com and we will do our best to help you. WHERE IS MY ORDER CONFIRMATION? As soon as your order is approved, you will receive an email confirmation to the email address you entered on your order. If for some reason you did not receive an email, please check your spam folder and add support@actpcase.com to your safe sender list. You can also check your order status by signing into your Motif account on our app and website. WHY IS MY ORDER DETAIL SHOWING “PAYMENT ERROR”? If you cancelled the payment process anytime during the checkout process, the incomplete order will be temporarily labeled “Payment Error”. Do not worry, simply click “Check Out” on the order detail page again, and you will be able to pay for your items and complete the order. You can view your order history and choose to complete any incomplete order by signing into your Motif profile, and click on “Orders” page. WHY WAS MY ORDER CANCELLED? Our system is currently setup in a way that each attempted checkout is viewed as a separate order. If you cancelled the payment process during the checkout process, your incomplete order will be moved to your “Orders” page within your Motif profile, along with all the items that you were trying to order, and any applied promo codes. You can view your order history and choose to complete any cancelled order